The origin of the word "trauma"  is from Greek, a word meaning "wound".  Trauma is experienced following a shocking, disturbing or harrowing incident where, in effect, the psyche and mental state of a person is wounded. A traumatic event happens suddenly and is one in which an individual experiences, or perceives the threat of, death or injury. These events are accompanied by feelings of intense fear, terror, or panic, and one feels overwhelmed by these emotions. A person is left feeling unable to cope and unable to master the feelings triggered by the event.

Trauma counselling is a process whereby the symptoms a person experiences as a result of a traumatic experience are normalised and an individual is guided to manage them.  The individual will go through a process of telling their story to allow for cognitive formulation of their experience. It is not unusual to find that a person is dealing with issues of grief and bereavement at the same time.

In a case where symptoms of trauma exist for longer than six weeks a client may need to be referred out for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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