Adolescence, the time of growth and development between childhood and adulthood, extends from the ages of about 9 through to late teens or early twenties. There are three overlapping stages namely preadolescence, middle adolescence and postadolescence.  During this time a young person changes physically, sexually, emotionally, intellectually and socially and moves from dependence to relative independence, and finally to a productive adult.

While, for some, adolescence is an exciting time there are those who struggle to adjust to this life stage for any number of reasons, such as adjusting to physical change and changes  in relationships.  Values, morals and religious beliefs are challenged during the shift to independence.  Self esteem, the acquisition of new skills, anxiety and concerns about the future can also be sources of difficulty in the young person's life.

Counselling offers the teen the opportunity to understand, gain insight into, and face their problems, learn skills in problem solving, and implement solutions. Where possible, this is done by working with (and within the limits and boundaries set by)  their parents and families.


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