Sandtray (some therapists call it "sandplay") is an expressive and dynamic  process that can be used with individuals, children, adults, couples, or families. Sandtray therapy takes place using a specifically sized rectangular container partially filled with sand and a collection of miniatures and water .

A client is asked to create their "world" (non-directive therapy) or a specific "world" (in directive therapy) in the sandtray.  They decide whether the tray be "wet" or "dry" (wet sand can be molded).  They build in silence as the therapist observes and may document the process as the client builds. In the case of a young child the therapist might verbally "track" the child's process for them. A time limit may be given for how long to take building a world and once the tray has been built the client will talk through their tray with the therapist.

The value of sandtray is that it can be used to give expression to non-verbalised emotions and has a kinesthetic quality.  It externalises issues, emotions or problems for the client, and is unique in allowing the emergence of therapeutic metaphors. Sandtray can be an effective communication tool for clients with reduced verbalisation skills. However, it is always the client who labels the things and people in their world and not the therapist.

Sandtray as a therapeutic tool can bring valuable insight and allow for effective emotional expression.

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