Book: I am Loved by Lara Salzwedel 06 Sep 2017

I have recently attempted my first, full colour, children's book, which is therapeutic by nature. It covers themes of abandonment, grief, anger, and sadness in children who find themselves in difficult family environments. To quote the foreword to parents or caregivers:

Post Surgery Psychological Trauma 02 Jul 2015

For most, we do not consider life saving surgery as specifically traumatic until we, or someone close to us,

Happiness 27 Apr 2015
Self-Care 08 Mar 2015

Very often, self-care is a neglected aspect of our daily patterns and routines - some do not know what it is

The Importance of Parents Playing with Their Children 29 Jan 2015

Play has multiple benefits for a child, it is a tool of learning and contributes to physical, mental, and social health.

When not to get Married 05 Jan 2015

Marriages fail, according to the divorce statistics for South Africa divorces increased by 28% from 2012 to 2013.

Assisting Your Anxious Child 19 Oct 2014

If you are the parent of an anxious child you are not alone, stats point to 1 in 8 children suffering from anxiety.

Retrenchment and the Accompanying Psychological Effects 08 Sep 2014

In current day South Africa the concept of retrenchment is a reality, and we live with some of the highest statistics of u

Expressing Negative Emotions 30 Jul 2014

Whether we express them or not we all experience feelings.

Burnout 14 Jun 2014

Many of us have heard of burnout and may at times, when feeling exhausted, question whether we may in fact be "burn